The Santas Rampaged This Weekend

DSC09688by Jennifer Thomas

Since Dallas doesn’t have much as far as Winter weather until the early part of 2016, we mark the advent of Christmas with a variety of events including the Santa Rampage. This year’s Rampage was hit a bit by an afternoon shower, but many showed up donning their holiday gear as Santa, a few Grinches, many, many elves, gift wrapped packages and even one Cindy Lou Who.

Hundreds of these Santa’s rampaged this city start in Deep Ellum then hitching a ride aboard the light rail into downtown with a final destination of the Cedar’s area just south of downtown.  

The Santas met at Red Light and Alligator Cafe in Deep ellum to hoist the night’s first beer and a shot before moving into downtown hitting such pubs as OE Penguin, The Mitchell, City Tavern and the new Frankies. Revelers maintained a decent amount of sobriety as the city’s best and ;largest pub crawl continued to a secret destination underneath the Convention Center where a DJ awaited  playing hip tunes and secretly poring Girl Scout Cookie shots directly into the bellies of those wishing to participate (everybody).


The night progressed into the Cedars area with Santas stopping in for cheer and cheers at Cedars Social, Industry Alley, Opening Bell and Full Circle Tavern. The Santas didn’t make haste and soon moved back into Deep Ellum where they made even further stops at places such as The Freeman, Maracas and Wit’s End.

Happily, each stop had a special deal for the Santas and their crew which made for an even happier event.

















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