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Experience These Pies From Unexpected Sources

pieby Steven Doyle

Have that special holiday party to check out and need to bring a sweet bite to share? We have a fine line-up of freshly made treats from places that you may not have thought of. There are some lovely bakeries in the Dallas area, like Pie Emporium (several locations now), Tart Bakery on Lovers Lane, Rush Patisserie in Oak Cliff, and the beloved Swiss Pastry Shop in Fort Worth all come quickly to mind. But how about a few alternative spots where you won’t necessarily be busted for bringing something purchased that won’t be recognized or even duplicated.   Continue reading

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Abel Gonzales The Fried Food King Gives Back For The Holidays

abel1by Steven Doyle   photos by Robert Bostick

You know Abel Gonzales from his annual stint at the Texas State Fair as the Fried Food King. In 2015 he cranked out a plethora of fried lobster with a side of champagne gravy. In 2004, he won with the fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich, in 2005 with Fried Coke, in 2006 with fried cookie dough, in 2008 with deep-fried butter, and in 2011 with Fried Jambalaya. He is also called the Fried Jesus.

We visited with Gonzales recently because we were tipped off about his extreme tamale and posole making. Come to find out that the chef has a kitchen on Ross Avenue where he has been catering weddings and a vast array of parties. The kitchen itself is massive and larger than many hotel kitchens I have seen. I was thinking he might be catering up Fried Jambalaya, but actually the man can cook like a maniac.

“We had this kitchen sitting idle for a year. We originally got the kitchen to cook out of for the fair, but needed to use this space for more culinary events. I have the culinary background, and haver been doing this all my life. I just needed to get away from the television and do it,” said Gonzales.   Continue reading

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Christmas Dallas Dining Guide 2015

christmas vacationby Steven Doyle

Did you burn the prime rib, or forget to brine the bird? We have a few Christmas Day alternatives that will make dining a snap. I am still available should you decide to make one of the following places for your holiday feast.  These are in order in which we received the information. Note that Royal China and Howard Wang’s will be open with a regular menu and regular hours Christmas Day.  For best service and entry, look for odd hours to enjoy your dinner. And there is always IHOP which will be open regular hours.

If you have a restaurant you wish to feature, please add your hours and what you may feature in the comments.   Continue reading

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Eat Me: TJ’s Seafood Market Cocktail Shrimp

tj1by Steven Doyle

There are these triggers that set off imagery of a holiday season past. These can vary from delicious scents such as your favorite Christmas pie, the wafting trail of a roasting pheasant or the blast of fragrance from the tiny pine cone found on your tree as you begin dressing it for the season.  There are musical triggers as well. Hearing the first Christmas tune when it actually becomes seasonal proper that lifts you with the spirit of the season can be powerful, as are the visualizations such as seeing the jolly man engaging a wide-eyed child filled with hope, and for us… a large platter of cocktail shrimp from TJ’s Seafood MarketContinue reading

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Sean Hayes Lip Syncs Jingle Bells for a Delicious Holiday Treat


We  stumbled upon this delightful holiday video and wish to share. Of course this stars Sean Hayes of Will and Grace fame, Mr. Hank Humberfloob in Cat in the Hat, and did a marvelous Jerry Lewis in a made-for-television film Martin and Lewis.    Continue reading

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Bisous Bisous Celebrates The Season With A Gingerbread Tower


Chef-Owner Andrea Meyer and a team of ten has completed a Gingerbread Eiffel Tower, now on display at the Parisian-inspired Bisous Bisous Patisserie.  The 42” replica took more than a month to construct with some elaborate pieces taking more than 4 hours to carve.  The team used woodworking templates for scale and hand cut each piece before baking.

With a nod to the intricate storefront displays throughout “The City of Love”, the Eiffel Tower, complete with lighting will be on display in to the New Year.   Continue reading

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Christmastime at the Dallas Arboretum is Filled with Surprises


The Dallas Arboretum Children’s Adventure Garden presents many opportunities for holiday experiences before it closes for winterization beginning January 4 through the opening of Dallas Blooms on February 27. Before then, Children’s Adventure Garden guests will be busy with many special activities to close out the year.

On Saturday, December 19, guests can use science to prove the case for the holiday’s favorite cookie-lover, Santa Claus. Starting at 11 a.m., guests will get to use science to answer questions like, how does Santa’s sleigh fly? How does he fit down all the world’s chimneys? How does he not burn himself in the fireplace? The Case for Santa Claus program will take place in the Children’s Adventure Garden’s Entry Plaza.   Continue reading

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