Ok, This Is My Favorite Sandwich (And I Have So Many Faves)

img_3605by Rhonda Dutton

I’m sure this is a common sentiment, but I only pay for sandwiches that I can’t make (just as well) at home. Based on this, I still have so many favorite sandwiches, I just love them all and don’t discriminate when my taste buds are happy. 

But, the sandwich I eat regularly is actually a slider. The Pork Schnitzel Slider at Jorg’s Café Vienna in downtown Plano is one that I crave often. It hits all your mouth’s happy spots of soft, crunchy, sweet, tangy. This slider has a little pork schnitzel (Jorg’s schnitzels are fantastischsten!), melted swiss cheese, lingonberry aioli, and pickles on a brioche roll. The combination is crackin’.


Ask for a slider “combo” and you’ll get two of these little baby angels and two brat sliders with sauerkraut, mustard aioli, marinated bell peppers on a Kaiser pretzel roll. The sweet and mild schnitzel sliders counterbalancing the powerful flavors of the brat and sauerkraut = Dreamland!

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