My First FroYo Experience

yogurtby Steven Doyle

I will share a secret with you. Until recently I had never tasted frozen yogurt. Out of all the things I have dined on, noshed, devoured even, fro-yo was not one of them. Not that I have a disdain for frozen confections, that couldn’t be further from the truth. I just never had an occasion to walk into a frozen yogurt shop and make my way through the process.

This recently changed with a visit to YogurtLand where my life was permanently altered for the better.  

The process of selecting your own flavor(s) is an experience unto itself. Possibly I am the last person to this taste party and you are giggling to yourself as you read this, but being able to have a handful of tasting spoons and make my way around a room filled with frozen yogurt machines is a deliverance only outdone by the selection of fresh ingredients.

I was able to zero in on a sea salt caramel and topped with plenty of blueberries and blackberries with a drizzle of caramel. This may seem a bit boring, but I didn’t want to get too wacky on my first attempt.

This summer YogurtLand has some special flavors in store for you at one of their many locations across Dallas. Check these out:

Home Grown Watermelon Sorbet – Starting June 5, this delicious sorbet will have Yogurtland lovers quenching summer heat with the season’s favorite fruit. Combining everything there is to love about watermelon, sweet, fresh, and fruity, this flavor offers a refreshing experience on a hot summer day.

 Sun Kissed Strawberry Shortcake – Inspired by summer’s favorite dessert, this flavor blends the deliciousness of real California strawberries with real sweet shortbread cookie and is available starting June 5. In each spoonful, the fruity, juicy strawberry taste is followed by notes of cake and whipped cream for a complete dessert sensation.

Sweet n’ Smooth Peaches and Cream Gelato- Available starting June 19, this combination of fruity tartness and creamy gelato makes for the perfect summer treat.  Inspired by some of the delicious treats individuals crave on a summer day, this flavor fills each spoonful with real Freestone peach taste.

 Larger Than Life Mud Pie – Starting July 3, chocolate fanatics rejoice, this ‘larger than life’ flavor layers rich chocolate, tasty coffee, and delectable chocolate cookies. The perfect balance of each layer comes through to create a decadent mud pie taste for all to enjoy.

Picnic Favorite Apricot Mango Tart- No picnic is complete without juicy summer fruits. The subtle balance between sweet and tart, this flavor combines two fruit favorites, sweet apricots and juicy mangos. This delicious flavor is available starting July 17.


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