A Look at Austin’s Wine and Swine

austin2by Ali Ferrin

The Austin Food and Wine Alliance did it again, hosting the 7th annual Wine & Swine event.  My day was filled with pig, fine wines, craft beers, liquors, and a ton of smoke.  Although not sure The Gulf Coast Playboys appreciated the smoke as much I did since Texans consider BBQ smoke an aphrodisiac.

Camp Mabry, established in 1892, is the headquarters of the Texas National Guard and is the host of the annual AFWA Live Fire event (Beef).  Driving through the facility and seeing the tanks, jets and various other vehicles reminded me of my dreams to become the 1st female fighter pilot and directing my ground troops from my tank support.  Reliving the years spent with my parents who were much more interested in exposing me to experiences vs materialistic world of today.  Exploring Austin as if it was new, week after week, Camp Mabry will always have a special place in my heart.


My most favorite is stalking the Goddess of Liberty, via helicopter, from the Texas State Capitol to Camp Mabry for cleaning and restoration after a 100 years.  Bittersweet

After so much nostalgia I needed refreshments; Patron winargarita, Olamaie’s hurricane, Dripping Springs “Franklin” and many, many Russell’s single barrel reserve Bourbon did not disappoint.

Local swine experts threw down with some inspired nibbles, from crispy pig head, smoked boudin noir and pork “debris” & grits to “Chumbo” aka pig chili and a confit shank on a swinging grill.

Last year’s winner Olamaie brought their A game however they were not match for the Pitchfork Pretty’s “Chumbo”.


Surprise surprise three time winner (in a row) Hahn Family Winery took the top wine honors

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