Tacos of Texas Comes to Dallas Oct 30th

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Based on The Tacos of Texas book, a new documentary series explores the Iconic Tacos of Texas and taco culture through the eyes of the people in the Lone Star State. The new seven-episode digital series premiered on Tuesday, September 25, 2018 with Indie Lens Storycast, a YouTube channel in partnership with PBS Digital Studios. Watch the new Austin episode here

The new series is produced and co-hosted by Taco Journalism’s Mando Rayo & Jarod Neece and directed by Dennis Burnett. The series will feature one iconic taco and taco style per city, highlighting local issues such as: taco gentrification in East Austin, tradition in the Rio Grande Valley, Dreamers in Houston, the importance of the masa in San Antonio, cultural appropriation in Corpus Christi, Modern Mexican in Dallas and border fluidity in El Paso.

“It’s great to showcase the different styles of tacos in Texas and share the stories of the tacos, but most importantly, they are about the people that make them, the culture, and our traditions,” said Mando Rayo, Series Producer.


“We’ve eaten tacos our entire lives, we’ve written about them for over a decade on our blog and in our two books. Now, after travelling thousands of miles across Texas, we are thrilled to share The Tacos of Texas with the World! Tacos. Never. Die.” said Jarod Neece, Series Co-Producer.

Starting on Tuesday, September 25, 2018, The Tacos of Texas episodes will be streamed on the #IndieLensStorycast Youtube channel and people can subscribe and view the episodes at www.StoryCastDocs.com.

This is the remaining schedule, and there will be a Dallas screening featuring Chef Anastacia Quiñones (Tacos de Tacha), Regino Rojas (Revolver Taco Lounge) & Luis Olvera (Trompo) and focus on Modern Mexican cuisines. The screening will be located at Tyler Station in Oak Cliff, 1300 South Polk from 6 to 9pm.

Breakfast Tacos: Corpus Christi (October 23, 2018)

Modern Mexican: Dallas (October 30, 2018)

Carnitas: El Paso (November 6, 2018)



“As a filmmaker, it was our goal to be as authentic as possible when discussing culture, cuisine and traditions of Texas through the tacos. We achieved this by asking the right questions and giving a platform for each character of every scene to tell their own story and share their experiences. Making sure to showcase the true backbone of Mexican culture and cuisine which are the Madres, Tías and Abuelas who have crafted these recipes for decades and deserve the recognition,” said Dennis Burnett, Director.

Stay up-to-date and go behind the scenes by subscribing to Indie Lens Storycast and following The Tacos of Texas:

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