There’s A River Of Chocolate At Golden Corral (Video)

gloopby Steven Doyle

Billed as the eighth wonder of the world, the Chocolate Wunderfall at Golden Corral is now fully operational. Here you can share your reach into a splash of warm chocolaty ooze with dozens of strangers, looking gleefully into their eyes as you coalesce bits of marshmallow and fruit into a pool of sweet gluttony.

How can this possibly be a good idea? The fountain has always creeped me a bit, reminding me of Augustus Gloop who nearly drowned in Wonka’s chocolate river.  These are the things that sweet bacterial dreams are made of.    

For those still wanting to take a crack at the fountain, we found a video on YouTube displaying all the glory that is this odd phenomenon set to the tune of Tay Zonday’s Chocolate Rain. To hear a full version of his gripping tune, go here.  For those who are not really into chocolate, listen to the vanilla version.



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