Hey Grandpa, What’s For Supper?

by Steven Doyle

On the town this week hunting for the perfect bite we ran across more than a few. From First Chinese BBQ (always a favorite) to sushi at Shinsei with Elvis, this was a pretty awesome culinary week.  Stay with us on this, you are going to love this week’s choices. 

We have commented more than a few times how much we enjoy the crispy duck and BBQ pork at First Chinese. On a recent visit we were treated to the whole hog. Well, at least the head. Crispy ears and ever-so-tender cheeks were in order.

With in walking distance of First Chinese BBQ you will find a hidden lair for burgers at Del’s Charcoal Burgers. This is an old school Richardson hang out that serves a really nice burger. We like the number three with lettuce, tomato and mustard, but the patty melt is freaky good. Ask for a double, the patties are on the thin side. Add tots a on the cheap, or go for the sweet potato fries.

Look to Chitos in Frisco  for a really good version of Sopes, the tiny fried masa disks are really inside out gorditas that can be topped with virtually anything you might find on a taco, but added crema and queso fresco makes the bites extra savory.

Find yourself in North Oak Cliff late at night wanting a bite? Most of the non-taqueria joints are closed fairly early, however Nova will still bake you a pizza in their wood oven until at least midnight.

The food trucks are starting to see a bit of buckling in the northern communities where the novelty might be spreading a bit thin. But they these food vendors are doing a bang up business in and around downtown. These kimchee fries from Ssahm BBQ should be sought after and devoured as soon as you can track them down. Today is a good day for just this sort of mission.

They come in two sizes and are slathered in fresh hand cut potatoes, Monterey Jack, cheddar cheese, cilantro and onion with caramelized kimchee.

Our wunderkind photog Robert Bostick took this shot while we were noshing on a platter of sushi at Shinsei created by Elvis himself. Not that Elvis, the stylish sushi chef Elvis that kicks ass regularly at Shinsei.

Send us your favorite food photos and we will include you in the regular feature.

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