Meat Raffle at Lakewood Brewing on April 14th


Meat Fight is hosting a Meat Raffle at Lakewood Brewing on April 14th from 2-5 p.m. We’ll have all kinds of meats and goodies up for raffle, including Tomahawk Ribeyes from Rudolph’s Meat Market, “meat clutches” from Live Coals, cold-smoked pork belly from BBBop Seoul Kitchen, WhistlePig Rye Whiskey, chocolate salami from Dude Sweet Chocolate, and “a bag of chicken and a bag of brisket” from Slow Bone BBQ.

30-40 items will be raffled, and the event will benefit Meat Bike, our program that buys bikes for people living with Multiple Sclerosis so that they can take on BikeMS rides nationwide. Research shows that regular cardio helps reduce symptoms and improves quality of life– and we’ve seen that with the 211 bikes we’ve given so far. It takes $1,000 to support a person with a bike package and get them on the road to BikeMS. We’re hoping to come out of this being able to help at least one more person cross that start line.


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