Halal-elujah! Eat St. Kabab Factory Is Fresh With Flavor

eat5by Steven Doyle

In the Dallas suburbs you will find many, many options for Indian cuisine. Some of that cuisine is in actuality Pakistani or even Nepalese food, and to the neophyte you may not be able to discern the difference. Then we have another subset in the cuisine from Bangladesh.

Dating far in the past, the Bangladeshi cuisine emphasizes fish, vegetables and lentils served with rice. Because of differences in history and Bangladeshi geography, the cuisine is rich in regional variations. While having unique traits, Bangladeshi cuisine is closely related to that of surrounding Bengali and North-East Indian, with rice and fish traditional favorites.

masala wingsMasala Wings

DSC01749Masala Lamb Chops

DSC01746Paya (Beef Feet)

This week we visit a Bangladesh Punjabi restaurant located in Carrollton, in an area that is filled with a variety of Asian cuisine including Chinese, Japanese, Korean and one restaurant which identifies most with Bangaldesh — Eat St. Kabab Factory. You will need to search the location out, but your GPS will toss you directly to the front door with ease.

The restaurant is located on Old Denton just off George Bush. The restaurant itself has an inviting appeal in its decor, one that the owner told us as to make Westerners more comfortable. It actually looks like they might serve cheeseburgers at the restaurant, and in fact they do. An excellent cheeseburger in fact which makes sense if drawing in the crowd they hope to. Someone in your group or family will invariably not enjoy the spices or flavorings of the restaurant, so usher in the cheeseburger that has been deliciously grilled over flames for an impact of flavor.

But for serious diners you will enjoy the vast array of dishes offered at Eat St., all lovingly and masterfully created. A host of appetizers will make everyone smile, from chicken wings, samosas and even a tandoori oven cooked crab cake.

The star of the show are the kababs and you will have plenty of choices from boti (small pieces of meat cooked and marinated with ghee), seekh kababs (spiced and blended meats cooked on a skewer), and tandoori meats and vegetables. All made from a large variety of meat and fish. You will even find charga on the menu which is a whole fried chicken that has been long marinated with a yogurt spice mix.

eatst1Karahi Gosht (Goat Curry)

eat3 goat yakhni pulaoGoat Yakhni Pulao


Most of the entrees will look familiar to the avid Indian cuisine enthusiast, with favorites such as Chicken Tikka Masala, various kormas (creamy yogurt-based sauce), and gosht made with your favorite meat. The word gosht translates into “meat” and is typically goat since Hindus do not eat beef and Islams do not eat pork, but you may enjoy this curry dish with any number of halal meats. There are plenty of vegetarian options as well.

Other selections include an Indian taco and a supply of those aforementioned cheeseburgers including the Hot Mess which is a beef patty topped with cheddar cheese, mayo, jalapeno, spicy sauce a runny fried egg.

eat4 burgerMushroom Burger

The restaurant has no bar but you may BYOB your favorite beer or wine (or the hard stuff if so inclined). But please do try a mango lassi as it will cut through the spices nicely to cool your palate. There are many other fresh fruit flavored lassis to enjoy such as strawberry and watermelon.

There is a fresh buffet for lunches to get you back to work quickly, and plenty of vegetarian choices to enjoy. But you will find a good selection of grilled meats on the buffet.

This is a restaurant that we will frequent often in the future and is now considered our favorite Indian in Dallas. The fresh flavors, seriously wonderful recipes made right every time and a staff that is easy to understand makes Eat St. Kabab Factory a joy.

Eat St. Kabab Factory | 2640 Old Denton, Carrollton | 469.284.5664

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