Pei Wei Offering Customized Bento Boxes


by Alex Gonzalez

In true Asian fashion, Pei Wei has introduced new customizable Bento Boxes. Each Bento Box contains five compartments for a rice bowl entree with your choice of protein, white, brown or cauliflower rice, sushi, a crab wonton or three mini chicken potstickers, and edamame or a miso side salad.

“We couldn’t be more excited to offer customizable Bento Boxes to guests that are as visually stimulating as they are delicious,” said Chef J. Sullivan, Pei Wei’s Director of Culinary Innovation in a press release. “We’ve brought Japanese tradition to the fast-casual space with Pan-Asian options and even cauliflower rice. The idea behind the Bento Box was that we wanted to highlight a variety of dishes that Pei Wei guests love and allow them to tailor their box to fit their own personal taste and preference.”

The Bento Boxes allow for over 400 different possible combinations and begin at $9.99. They are available for purchase at any Pei Wei location.

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