The Italian Job Opens at Legacy Hall

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The Italian Job will open its first location on Friday, November 1st in Legacy Hall, located at 7800 Windrose Ave. in Plano. The scratch-made pasta kitchen will focus on bringing old-world tradition to the modern, “fast-casual” market through artisanal, fresh pasta, made in-house daily using high quality ingredients.

The Italian Job offers 8 bold pasta options featuring a base of Spaghetti, Casarecce, and Tagliatelle – made in-house daily – with health-conscious Zucchini noodles available to substitute.

Menu highlights include: Renzo’s Pasta– Casarecce, Mamma’s Red Sauce, Bacon, Bell Peppers, Chili, Cream; Cacio e Pepe– Spaghetti, Pecorino, Parmesan, Black Pepper; Pasta Alla Scorglio– Tagliatelle, Shrimp, Rosa Tomatoes, Lemon, Basil, Chili, Extra Virgin Olive Oil; Tagliatelle Bolognese– Tagliatelle, Beef Bolognese Ragù. Rounding out the menu are two Italian classics: Melanzane alla Parmigiana– Eggplant Bake, Mamma’s Red Sauce, Parmesan, and The Meatball Bowl– perfect for sharing and served with Focaccia Bread and a choice between Mamma’s Red Sauce or Dijon Sauce. All 9 entrees are reasonably priced at under $10.

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“There is an energy about The Italian Job that can best be described as ‘veloce’, meaning ‘quick’,” explains Executive Chef Clifford Barratt. No stranger to the fast-paced, quality-driven food hall scene, Barratt brings his expertise in Italian cooking to the concept. South African born and trained, Barratt has spent over a decade honing his craft and building a portfolio of award-winning concepts including restaurant, retail and market concept, Old Town Italy in Pretoria, South Africa.

He continues, “Our chefs strive to deliver high-quality, fresh pasta at a grab-and-go pace perfect for a Food Hall atmosphere. We are thrilled to test this concept at Legacy Hall.”

The Italian Job will be open on Friday, November 1st and is located on the first floor adjacent to Beijing Brothers.

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