Perot Offers At-Home Videos for the Whole Family


Did you know that a snail has thousands of teeth? Or that the North Pole has one sunrise each year … and that 1.3 million Earths can fit inside the sun?

It may be dark within the walls of the Perot Museum of Nature and Science during its temporary closure, but its “lights on” for learning as the Museum launches Amaze Your Brain at Home!, a rotating wealth of brain-pleasing, fun that will be provided to those at home over the weeks to come.

Even when on-site visits aren’t possible, the Museum has developed engaging ways for all ages to explore nature and science at home, in backyards or outdoors, using common household objects and supplies. For example, kids can keep their brains humming as they learn about winter on Mars and moving milk molecules, how to concoct a non-Newtonian fluid, formulate their own slime and more.

Age-specific experiments – from a mini water-cycle activity (tailored to grades 2+) to an ice albedo test (grades 5+) to DIY barometers (grades 8+) – will continuously be refreshed to keep minds engaged while providing enrichment as people home school and socially distance.

Digital guests will also find “Amaze Your Brain” facts and videos at From the tiniest atoms to the titan-sized Saturn, scientific tidbits will evoke ah-ha moments in tots, teens and adults alike.

Additional engagement can be found on the Perot Museum’s social channels (FacebookInstagramTwitter and YouTube).

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