Yesterday’s Milkman Appears at Your Doorstep Today

by Alex Gonzalez

Although many of us aren’t old enough to remember the days of the milkman, the idea of someone delivering basic essentials to your home on a recurring basis sounds lovely. If we learned anything throughout the pandemic, it;s to value the art of home delivery. Last week, the Gustine-based Volleman’s Family Farm teamed up with Shatto Home Delivery to launch Volleman’s Home Delivery, a milkman-esque service delivering products from local farmers and vendors to your Dallas-Fort Worth home.

Matt Shatto, founder of Shatto Home Delivery, was inspired to launch Volleman’s Home Delivery after he felt something was missing in terms of customer service today.

“In today’s society, everything that’s old is new again, right?,” Shatto tells Crave DFW. “With the milkman comes that nostalgia of old fashioned customer service, also, in addition to that comes a focus on local products, which obviously, a part of our service is just that. It’s the idea of trying to bring as many local products to the consumer as possible.”

In addition to milk from Volleman’s Family Farm, shoppers can also order eggs from their farm, as well as bread from Empire Baking Co., kombucha from Holy Kombucha, and other Texas favorites.

“We’re really trying to connect the farm to the consumer,” says David Volleman of Volleman’s Family Farm. “I think people really wonder where their food comes from and want to know that answer. We grow the crops, we feed the cows, milk it, put it in a glass bottle, and now deliver it to the customer.”

Although customers can’t make on demand orders, in the fashion of Grubhub or DoorDash, they can set up orders to be delivered as often as they wish. In an effort to be more environmentally conscious, customers pay a bottle deposit, and can receive the deposit back upon scheduling a pick up for the bottles.

As orders are scheduled, Volleman and Shatto want their customers to rest assured that their products are prepared and optimized for maximum quality and freshness.

“Whenever a customer places their order, say today, and they’re going to get it on Thursday, that bread from Empire Baking is going to be baked fresh for them for their specific delivery on Thursday,” Shatto says. “And it’s no different on the dairy side. We want to make sure that we’re getting the freshest products possible for our customers to ensure that the milk and other products delivered to their front porches are the freshest that they could get anywhere.”

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