Taco-A-Day Club at Taco Bell

Taco Bell announced today it’ll be expanding its “Taco Lover’s Pass” subscription service — originally tested only in Arizona — nationwide through its app.

The service offers folks the chance to pay $10 and in return get a 30-day subscription where they will be able to get their pick of any one taco variety, including crunchy, crunchy supreme, soft, soft supreme, spicy potato soft, Doritos locos and Doritos Locos Supreme — every day.

So if you’ve ever wanted to eat Taco Bell every day for a month, now’s your chance to do so without breaking the bank. You’ll have to download the Taco Bell app first though.

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One response to “Taco-A-Day Club at Taco Bell

  1. That’s what happened to the purple bag Doritos ?

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