Why do People Love Playing Online Slots?

Since it went mainstream, the online slot market has been on a steady rise all over the world. Gamblers have increased their playing frequency, while even people who didn’t use to gamble, have joined the train out of curiosity – also try White Wizard slot game.

In 2017, the online gambling industry was estimated to be worth about $46 billion. It is projected to double that value by 2024, and maybe get to 494 billion. Many factors and responsible for this enormous growth and success of the online gambling industry, but among them all, online slots is the single biggest factor driving the growth. Many online casino players prefer playing online slots to any other kind of slot games for the following reasons: 

1.       Entertainment

Online slots bring a fresh form of entertainment by bringing the enthralling and immersive feeling of films and games into gambling. By adapting the entertaining features of popular films and other pop culture elements, online slot developers have over time made online gambling a piece of entertainment that many players use as a way to unwind. Now some of the most popular slots are slots based on movies, video games and 3D slots. Popular films like Harry Potter and Jumanji were, in 2019, also adapted into online slots. 

2.      Unpredictability

The unpredictable nature of online slots makes them really fascinating for players. There’s always this rush of excitement that players feel as the slot machine rolls. Because they can’t predict what they would get, gamblers keep coming back for more with the hope that they’d get lucky and enjoy some mouthwatering winnings.

3.      Deposit Bonuses

Online slots providers have mastered the art of triggering players to hit the ground running as soon as possible. They do this by offering welcome bonuses which allows players to increase their number of spins. They also get a deposit bonus each time they deposit funds, hence, instead of relying on only their deposited funds, online slot players get to spin the reel so many more times using their deposit bonuses.

4.       Huge Prices

Every gambler wants to win big money. Online slots have overtime been an easy way for anyone to win big with little or no skills. With progressive slots (where the winning stakes increases as more people join the bet), winners can win millions of pounds. Many gamblers have made huge fortunes from playing these kinds of jackpots. Most notably, in October 2015, a 26-year-old UK solider won over £13,209,300 on Mega Moolah slot at Betway Casino. This has so far been the biggest slot win in history; however, overtime, many other gamblers have also won huge amounts from online slots, which when calculated, would be a lot higher than what the biggest winner has won so far. 

Considering these points, and the fact that one doesn’t need any skills to win online slot games, the number of people downloading and playing online slots will keep increasing, and other casino games would need to play catchup it they really want to measure up to online slot games.

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