Ultimate Guide: Party-Approved Vegas-Themed Food

There is nothing quite like inviting friends around for a party, putting on some nibbles and drinks, and celebrating together. Introducing a theme like Las Vegas is a great way to spice up your parties, especially if your friends get together to play poker, roulette or blackjack. Including the food in the theme adds an extra touch. After all, Vegas is famous for incredible buffets and delicious food, so what kind of food would make the list for a Vegas-themed party? 

  1. Mini burgers 

Inspired by the all-American classic, the hamburger, mini burgers fit perfectly into a Vegas-themed party. They are also called sliders because these small portions would ‘slide down’ in just a few bites. Mini burgers are packed with flavour and small enough to be considered finger food. As they are such an iconic part of US cuisine, it’s not surprising that mini burgers are a staple found throughout Vegas restaurants and casinos – so, of course, they make the list!

  1. Buffalo wings

Buffalo wings may have been first invented in Buffalo, NY, but they only took off once they reached Las Vegas, where they were first served as a bar snack. Now served all over the city in sports bars, restaurants and casinos, Buffalo wings owe a lot of their popularity to Vegas. These hot sauce-coated deep-fried chicken wings are the epitome of Vegas party food and deserve a space on the menu.

  1. Chocolate-dipped fruit 

No party table is complete without a delicious fruit option, and jazz it up by dipping it in chocolate! Strawberry, banana and pineapple are all good fruit for creating this sweet treat. Either pre-dip the fruit and serve it ready to eat like the luxury chocolatiers and pastry shops of Vegas or make it more interactive by providing a chocolate fountain and allowing your guests to create their own fruity concoctions. This party treat is versatile, delicious, visually appealing, and will surely be a hit with your guests!

  1. Sushi 

Las Vegas is a city teeming with luxury dining experiences, and Sushi features on many high-end menus. Several Vegas casinos even have dedicated sushi restaurants. Sushi rolls are, therefore, an excellent addition to a Vegas-themed party. They can easily be customised with different ingredients, including seafood, vegetables and meats, meaning there will be something for everyone. Their small, self-contained construction also makes them easy to display and serve.

  1. Mini doughnuts

Just like mini burgers, mini doughnuts are a fun and enjoyable snack to add to a party menu. They can easily be served with various toppings and fillings, and their bite-sized nature makes them easy to share. Because of this, doughnuts are a popular snack option across Las Vegas, with multiple dedicated doughnut shops across the city. One casino on the Strip even has an in-house doughnut shop, so if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for your vegas-themed party.

  1. Conclusion

These are just a few Vegas-themed food ideas for your party, and there are many others, including shrimp cocktails and mini tacos. Incorporating a casino theme into a menu is the easy part! Once that is decided you should decide what games to play. Fortunately, there are many options to choose from. For example, you could play blackjack or poker with chips and cards, or you could go online for slots or jackpots online.  A mix of 5-6 games works well and will keep the guests entertained for the evening!

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