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Untapped Beer Festival Moves To Trinity Groves — UPDATED

by Steven Doyle

Common Table has planned and been selling tickets to the Untapped Beer Festival which will take place September 8, 2012 and feature indie beer along with a host of indie music including the Givers, The Antlers, Akron/Family, Burning Hotels, David Dondero and Fish Fry Bingo. The festival was originally slated to take place at and in front of The Common Table as a block party, but the festival has taken a life of its own as organizer Corey Pond believes it will simply be an easier proposition to have it at a larger venue.

The festival has been moved to Trinity groves and should be one of the first events to take place in this magical place just on the other side of the Calatrava-designed Margaret Hunt-Hill Bridge.           Continue reading


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