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AF+B Hits Its Stride In Fort Worth


by Andrew Chalk

A really stupid TV show asks three people, qualified only by their ignorance, to visit the same restaurant and score it out of five. On last weekend’s edition, two diners took marks off one of the nominated restaurants because “they had run out of one of the dishes”. Duh! I can prevent that ever happening again. I will serve plastic food straight from the walk in. “Freezer To Table” as quick as a microwave oven can warm it. What a concept.

Those dumbbells are going to hate AF+B, the newly opened Consilient Hospitality restaurant in Fort Worth’s flourishing West 7th district. They source much of their food from local farmers and ranchers who, as a footnote to the menu intones, “produce in small quantities. As a result, certain items may not be available from time to time”. As careful planning, not luck, would have it, there are a bounty of other interesting choices on the menu.    Continue reading


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