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Chef Jeff Harris Joins Victor Tangos Team


Victor Tango announced today that Jeff Harris joined the team as executive chef.

“We had the opportunity to work with Jeff during his time at American Food + Beverage (AF+B) and could not be happier for him to rejoin the team,” said Nik Katz, director of restaurant operations at Headington Companies. “Harris’ culinary philosophy is a perfect fit for the incredible culinary program at Victor Tangos. With Harris at the helm, we will continue to serve fan favorites, tailored with his fresh approach, and some new things that are sure to become cult classics.”  Continue reading

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AF+B Hits Its Stride In Fort Worth


by Andrew Chalk

A really stupid TV show asks three people, qualified only by their ignorance, to visit the same restaurant and score it out of five. On last weekend’s edition, two diners took marks off one of the nominated restaurants because “they had run out of one of the dishes”. Duh! I can prevent that ever happening again. I will serve plastic food straight from the walk in. “Freezer To Table” as quick as a microwave oven can warm it. What a concept.

Those dumbbells are going to hate AF+B, the newly opened Consilient Hospitality restaurant in Fort Worth’s flourishing West 7th district. They source much of their food from local farmers and ranchers who, as a footnote to the menu intones, “produce in small quantities. As a result, certain items may not be available from time to time”. As careful planning, not luck, would have it, there are a bounty of other interesting choices on the menu.    Continue reading


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Grab A Program, There Are Chefs On The Move

Jeff_Harrisby Steven Doyle

There are plenty of chef movements about and it is insanely interesting. First, let’s look at the players: Jeff Harris, Andrew Bell, Jeffrey Hobbs and Al Haven. What they have in common is that they are extremely talented Dallas chefs and have recently made a move. I have used the term “chef hoarding” in the past, and this might be the ultimate move in that play.

Let’s look at who is on the move. Jeff Harris is the uber cool chef that made a splash at Craft Dallas then joined as exec chef at Bolsa, replacing Graham Dodds as he made way to Central 214. Harris is now moving on to work for Consilient as chef at new A F+B Fort Worth. Wait, Jeffrey Hobbs had that gig, right? Hobbs has been called up by Neighborhood Services and will now be the chef at the Preston location. You may recall that Dodds recently moved to Consilient and is now at Hibiscus. If this seems confusing, it gets better.     Continue reading

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Bolsa Celebrating Five Year Anniversary

bolsaby Steven Doyle

Sample the Twigs and Branch Flatbread at Bolsa for an iconic flavor that has graced the menu since its inception five years ago. That is when the old Settles Garage on Davis Street in Oak Cliff was converted to a unique restaurant opened by Chris Zielke and crew, with chef Graham Dodds at the very small helm.

At the time the restaurant was ground breaking for Dallas, and continues to raise the bar to approachable farm-to-table cuisine served with a side of amazing cocktails. Five years ago Dodds was calling on local farmers and ranchers for their finest provisions. The chef was using interesting vegetables culled from Rocky Tassione who specializes in beautiful hydroponic micro-greens, baby vegetables and bright, fresh herbs that local chefs now clamor for. Dodds would also use his own home-raised honey.       Continue reading

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New Cocktail and Dinner Menu at Bolsa in Oak Cliff

DSC07485by Steven Doyle

Last week we broke the information that Bolsa would no longer serve lunch, but instead beef up their midday menu at Bolsa Mercado just a few steps away from the iconic Oak Cliff restaurant. This weekend we learned that Bolsa has quietly introduced a new seasonal menu with some fun changes to both the dinner and the cocktail menu.

We popped into Bolsa while making our Oak Cliff rounds this weekend and were cheerily greeted by lead barman Kyle Hilla who was eager to chat up the new cocktails. This would be Hilla’s first full menu to create for Bolsa, with many of the drinks having been around for nearly five years. In the past Hilla would add four or five new drinks to the menu. The new one is all his.     Continue reading


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Bolsa Celebrates Red Caboose Winery With Special Dinner

red cabooseby Steven Doyle

On Thursday, February 7th, Red Caboose Winery and Executive Chef Jeff Harris of Bolsa and Bolsa Mercado will team up for a wine dinner in honor of Red Caboose Winery’s recent honor, Top 10 Hot Brands of 2012 by Wine Business Monthly.

Based in Meridian, Texas, Red Caboose Winery starts with quality from the ground up, using certified grafted grapevines to “grow” their wine.  Red Caboose’s winery design philosophy is green.  With simplicity in mind, they created a winery that is energy efficient and sustainable.  Together with advanced geothermal cooling and photo-voltaic cells, they were able to achieve their energy goals.  The winery produces about 5,000 cases per year with plans to increase production in the coming years.    Continue reading

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