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Alex “Moose” Perez Accepts Ghost Pepper Challenge At Back 9

DSC00513by Steven Doyle

The ghost pepper is said to be the very hottest naturally grown pepper known on the planet. Ringing in at warp factor nine, or up to 1,050,000 on the Scoville scale. In comparison, the jalapeno is a mere 2,500 on average. Weapons grade caspium starts at a 2,000,000 rating.  The ghost pepper is one mean pepper. In its native home of India, the pepper is called Bhot Jolokia, and is often used by natives to ward off elephant attacks. It is one bad ass pepper and should be feared.

Dallas resident and professional competitive eater Alex “Moose” Perez ignored these facts last evening when he accepted a special eating challenge that involved the ghost pepper. It was at the Addison pub Back 9 where he was offered the challenge of eating one whole pizza laced with a ghost pepper sauce. The challenge was to eat the entire $25 pizza and it would be his for no cost what-so-ever. He would join the ranks of dozens of people who have accepted the challenge, but only a single entry actually won. Moose would be number two.    Continue reading


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