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Sartori di Verona: A Model for Italian Wine Success

chalk1By Andrew Chalk

This week I had the honor to meet Andrea Sartori, the President of his family’s winery, Sartori di Verona, along with his consulting winemaker Franco Bernabei over a meal with some of their best wines. It was a memorable experience.

chalk2Andrea Sartori is a busy man. As President of Sartori de Verona winery he already has the responsibility of running a family business. However, since he became Managing Director in 1998 his ambition has made his own job even more onerous. He had studied in the United States at Columbia University, producing a more global perspective for the scion of an old-line Veneto wine producer (as well as fluency in English). He doesn’t say he took over the reins of the family winery with an agenda, but events since that date suggest it. That agenda can be summarized as a steady march up the mountain of quality.           Continue reading

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