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April Food’s Day

bitterby Steven Doyle

April Fools Day has a marvelous history in food. Think back to 1878 when the New York publication capitalized on Thomas Edison’s reputation by announcing that he invented a machine that could transform soil into cereal and turn water into wine. Newspapers around the world ran with the story making this a particularly genius stunt.

Over 100 years later Taco Bell announced it had purchased the Liberty Bell, and would actually be renaming the iconic American symbol as the Taco Liberty Bell. The fast food chain had to recount the story quickly as groups rallied in anger.

Not to be outdone, Whole Foods got in on the Fool’s joke by announcing a new product “organic air”, which came in original, sea breeze, mountain wine, and salt and vinegar. We still want to sample the organic salt and vinegar air. It sounds so British.    Continue reading

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