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Big Tex Is Back

DSC00240by Steven Doyle

October 19, 2012 the beloved character who resides at the State Fair of Texas and makes his annual month long visit to the fairgrounds in East Dallas, burned to the bare metal frame with the exception of one arm. ¬†Opening day the 55′ Big Tex makes his official comeback at 2pm, but we have photos from earlier today. Seems Tex was taking a shower on his perch and the curtain dropped. We just happened to be passing by with all of our camera gear, and snapped away like a peeping Tom.

The new Tex has already taken some criticism, as you might expect. Some think he looks suspiciously Hispanic, while others think he already needs a face lift, dermatologist, and braces on his buck teeth. We think he looks just fine if not racially ambiguous, and if anything we applaud the fair officials for their quick handling of what otherwise was a PR nightmare.    Continue reading


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