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The Quest of the Holy Grail of Beers

darklordby Brian Wall

Beer. When you think about the word and connotation behind the word, you might have some predisposed notions of what beer is and can be for most. Whether it’s sitting around the television watching a game, hanging by the pool/patio/deck on a pleasant night or grabbing a quick drink after work with a plate of wings, all of these hold a normal ideal of beer.

Some people take their beer experience to another level by sampling craft beers and learning more about what is out there, you may even read an article or two and get a notion of what you might be missing. For others, there are select beers that have the same daunting task as finding the “Holy Grail” (the Cup, not the bar) that are brewed in very small amounts, very limited areas and are typically cellared by those that can actually find them.   Continue reading

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