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Want to Stay Active in Your Art Community?

artistby Erica Guajardo

As an artist, one of the hardest things to do is get your artwork viewed by the public.  It seems that there is much anxiety associated with “Where and How to start?”  As a fellow artist myself, I found that it took someone inviting me to join a group of locals in order to  get established.  Although this seems like a simple idea, not all creative individuals know someone that is willing to show us the way.

Recently I was searching through the Facebook Group Page Dallas Art Openings, a group designed to announce art shows that are taking place around Dallas.   During this search I found an individual posting “…I’ve come to find myself wanting to join an art career…How could I start myself?”  This awakened a self-guided principle idea to help share with inspiring artists a way for them to get active and help grow their talents.  Below you will find three art groups, which are FREE to join and stay active in the arts.     Continue reading

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