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Q&A With Stark Raving Chef Patrick Stark

patrickby Steven Doyle

Chef Patrick Stark is passionate about everything he encounters. be it life, music, art and food. He takes each of these subjects extremely seriously, and embraces to the core. Stark is the executive chef at the Sundown at Granada located on Greenville Avenue, and there he focuses much on clean food, free of GMO’s, organic as possible, seasonal, grass-fed, and even gluten free. Stark is fanatical when it comes to his sources. He is also the Grand Poobah of the Mohawk Malitia, and organization dedicated to raise awareness to genetically modified food, and has teamed up with the North Texas Food Bank. All proceeds generated from sales of Mohawk Militia patches and stickers will go to purchasing fresh food from local farmers in feeding inner city folks who don’t have access to supermarkets.

We had a chance to visit with chef Patrick Stark this week, and uncovered some new news surrounding he chef, and picked his brain on GMO’s and much more.    Continue reading

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