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Kickstarter Potato Salad Goes Viral

potato saladby Steven Doyle

Since you own a computer, or  possibly even a kicked up smartphone, you have seen the insanity which is Kickstarter, and the young lad who has offered to make potato salad but needed a bit of assistance. Zack “Danger” Brown has offered to attempt potato salad but asked the world to help fund his dining venture to the tune of ten dollars. As of the time we are writing this the lad has raised over $40,000. That is plenty of potato salad. Not enough to start a potato famine, but certainly enough to feed potato salad to a good part of Columbus, Ohio where he is from.

There are typically perks to donating cash to a Kickstarter campaign, and this quirky potato salad venture is not without a few of those. In fact, as more money is offered Brown is thinking of new and absurd ideas to entice his new followers. At first, for a mere dollar you would receive a hearty thank you from the want to be chef.  For two dollars Brown offered to mention your name as he made the salad, and post your name to his website. Reasonable considering the low amount invested.  Five dollars allowed you to add to the recipe and even taste the salad, and ten dollars you would get all the perks plus have the opportunity to hang out in the kitchen while the salad was being made.   Continue reading

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Charge Your Phone Using 200 Year Old Science And A Cup Of Coffee

onepuck1_610x516by Steven Doyle

Nearly 200 years ago Robert Stirling invented an engine that ran off air rather than fuel or steam, and retained gasses rather than emit toxic fumes into the atmosphere. Since 1816 there have been many versions used, and many in use today. A submarine employs a version of this engine originally designed by Stirling. Today there is a company called Epiphany Labs who hopes to take this engine design to charge your cell phone using your morning cup of coffee or a cold beer.   Continue reading

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