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Spicy Verde Margarita at Home


Get in the spirit this Cinco de Mayo with the Spicy Verde Margarita made with two Mexican spirits, Milagro Silver and Ancho VerdeMilagro Silver, made with 100% blue agave, was inspired by the historic world of traditional tequila and the vibrant world of modern day Mexico City.

Ancho Verde gives this traditional cocktail the ultimate poblano chile kick of bright, herbal tastes and fresh heat. Pay homage to these fine liquids of our neighboring country this Cinco de Mayo by using Milagro and Ancho Verde in your margarita. Continue reading

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Q-n-A With The Milagro Texas Brand Ambassador

DSC07575by Steven Doyle

I spent the better part of this week shadowing the Milagro Tequila ambassador as he made his way around our village, spreading the good word about tequila and the upcoming Margarita Meltdown which we both are sponsors. JP de Loera is an affable fellow who was probably born for this position, but in our Q&A we ask how one becomes ambassador. In our notes I was to ask him about diplomatic immunity, but through the fog of many margaritas I failed to ask that important question.

I did witness the good ambassador offer to buy a group of elderly women shots of tequila. The Oak Cliff Business Women’s Club was more than pleased to oblige his valiant offer. Although JP acknowledged that shooting good tequila was probably not the best use of his product, it was fun none the less. And isn’t that what it is all about?     Continue reading

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