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Trinity Groves Welcomes La Bajada P.O.P. Farm

Trinity Groves is known for creating some of the most exciting dining concepts in Dallas. But its restaurants can’t create delicious, finished plates without fresh ingredients. So, as people become more connected to their food sources and increasingly care about what goes into their bodies, Trinity Groves is excited to welcome the Promise of Peace farm, located just off Singleton Blvd at the western edge of the Trinity Groves complex.

The small farm is staffed by youth interns and community members, who grow a variety of seasonal ingredients—all without chemicals—to share with the neighborhood. These ingredients also go into the program’s “Soup It Forward” kits each month, in which fresh produce, broth and instructions are given to families in need, so they can make nourishing meals at home. La Bajada Farm also hosts volunteer opportunities, growing classes and garden tours.

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