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First Look: Shiva’s — A Phoenix By Any Other Name

shiva2by Andrew Chalk

2014 shall be forever remembered, not only as the 100th anniversary of The Great War, but for being the year of an even more formative event in the history of mankind. I refer of course to the abrupt shuttering of Taj Express on Lemmon Avenue, the dilapidated shack of an Indian restaurant that essentially served the whole south-of-northwest-highway catchment area with Indian food.

Sure, it was all-buffet, all the time. Sure, the buffet only had about three meat dishes and about five veggies. Sure, it was closed Sunday (when everybody wants brunch). Sure, the tables and chairs appeared to have been reclaimed from a dump. Sure, the building looked like it would blow down if one of the passing homeless people as much as farted at it from twenty yards.   Continue reading


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Shiva’s Bar and Grill Now Open on Lower Greenville

shiva2by Steven Doyle

Ramesh and Sumathi Sundaram opened their Indian cuisine restaurant on Lower Greenville this past weekend. Check out Shiva’s Bar and Grill to get your tikka masala fix with a happy side of naan. What a fantastic addition to the neighborhood.

The restaurant is located at 1907 Greenville Avenue, and will offer cuisine from the Tamil region of India, according to Ramesh, which is southern India and has a heavy vegetable influence but also have northern Indian food for those who enjoy that fare.  He also added that they lived in Singapore for some years and are offering some Malaysian cuisine as well.

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