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Dishing Out Relief Auction Provides Grants to Texas Restaurant

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, The Texas Restaurant Association Relief Fund was established through the Texas Restaurant Association Education Foundation, which is a 501(c)3 non-profit focused on the education and development of Texas’ restaurant industry workforce. The mission of the Texas Restaurant Association Relief Fund is to provide immediate financial relief to Texas’ independent restaurateurs with funds designed to save employee jobs.

The Texas Restaurant Association has announced the “Dishing Out Relief” auction. It’s how Texans (big and small) are working together to provide emergency relief to independent restaurants. This not only breaks our hearts from a personal standpoint, but also changes the dining culture in our state.

The objective is to provide immediate relief by getting the money to restaurants quickly.

“It is critical that people from all across Texas come together in solidarity to help in this time of crisis,” said Chef Stephan Pyles. “It is not only crucial for the economy in our great state, but for our culture. The funds we raise from this auction will make a significant impact on saving the restaurant industry in Texas, and by doing so, will be saving our culture and unique traditions.”

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