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ZestFest Blazes New Trails In Fiery Eating Madness

zestfest1by Jeanine Stevens

Each year I typically spend months working up to a few million Scoville units’ worth of packing heat.  Then the big survival test comes at ZestFest, the largest gathering of spicy foods and spicy foods aficionados of the year.  Aisle after aisle of hotness purveyors offered samples at the 10th annual expo, held this past weekend at the expansive Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas.  The choices were enough to satisfy any and all burning food desires.  Jolokia pepper salsas: check.  Habanero ketchups: check.  Atomic wing sauces: check.    Continue reading

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Spice Up Your Weekend With ZestFest

zest2by Jennifer Thomas

Those who like it hot will flock to the Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas (ICCLC) this weekend for ZestFest 2013.   ZestFest is a three-day fiery food event cooking up spicy tastes of all kinds:  dipping sauces, salsas, mustards, marinades, cheeses, drinks, desserts and more.  To up the sizzle factor, ZestFest offers live entertainment, fun contests, and cooking demos by culinary aces like Chef Jon Bonnell and local legend Eddie Deen.     Continue reading

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