Chamberlain Competing In National Steak Cook-Off Title in New York

by Steven Doyle

A few weeks ago we told you about the Kingsford grilling competition between chef Richard Chamberlain(Chamberlains Steak and Chop House) and chef Rodman Shields (Nick and Sam’s).  It was a close battle but the crowd favorite was Chamberlain and he took the cash prize and a trip to New York this week to compete nationally.          

“I arrive today in New York and have dinner at Blue Smoke, Danny Myers place. I will be competing against 7 chefs for the national steak cook-off title.  Tuesday morning we have a national media tour going to 20 or 25 stations.  Then we have the actual competition,” said Chamberlain.   

Wednesday morning Chamberlain will be on the television program Fox and Friends.  

Chamberlain said he was going to win this competition for the state of Texas. He has a plan and will inform us when he grabs the title and send some exclusive photos.

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2 responses to “Chamberlain Competing In National Steak Cook-Off Title in New York

  1. Sarah

    Ehat about Kirby’s steakhouse/ Mickey manyle’s and Woodfire Kirby’s, their chef Daniel Nemec is in New York competing as well!

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