Irish Eyes Were Smiling…

by Nicholas Bostick

photos by Nicholas Bostick

Saturday morning as preparations for the St. Patrick’s Day parade got underway. People lined the streets as early as 6 am picking out cherry seats and setting up makeshift bars. The festivities started with the annual “Dash Down Greenville”, which reached an all time record of six thousand.  Registered runners raced for a cash price while raising money for the North Texas Food Bank. The racers created a sea of green, all stretching and lining up for the start of the race. After Lucky the Leprechaun sounded the air horn for the start of the race, the real party began. Empty jello shot cups lined the gutters as co-eds played beer pong in the back of their trucks. Music filled the streets as friends and families enjoyed the celebration waiting for eleven thirty to mark the start of the parade. The floats mostly consisted of roving parties, appropriately gaudy advertisements for bail bondsmen, and a few other surprises were added, such as a drunken Santa and students of Dallas’ school of rock playing juvenile covers of Iron Maiden songs. As the last of the beads were thrown and the screaming crowds began to leave, things only seemed to get better.

The trains were packed like cattle cars but luckily most of the people were only going one stop away to Mockingbird Station, where the party continued.  Once we arrived we took a walk down Greenville, hoping to enjoy some local atmosphere. Live bands played on front yards and home owners welcomed all who walked by as if long lost friends. We found a great party going on at Ellsworth and Greenville with a couple of guys and girls sharing a giant crawfish boil and a keg.  The sounds of “Bad Reputation” played by a Joan Jett cover band just a few streets down, wafted down the block as the spicy scent of seafood filled the air. People were animated, feasting and dancing, filled with the Irish Spirit.

A city street taco stand that set up in the middle of all the commotion invited us in their truck to enjoy the day’s special; an egg, potato, and sirloin taco stuffed with smoked Gouda and slathered in heavenly peppered gravy which was well worth the eight bucks. The food was fantastic, the people were jubilant and the music was just what was needed, all in all a great recipe for an amazing evening time enjoying the spirit of our Irish brothers. Let’s hope the snakes never come back, and that next year is even better! Sláinte!


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