Sunday School at Hotel Zaza

by Bryan Coonrod

So it’s a Sunday afternoon your a little hungry and your not really ready for a weekend of partying in the clubs to end. Hotel Zaza has your cure with the new monthly event Sunday School.

Once a month you can join what I can only describe as a brunch straight out of the movie “Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas“.  There are two options you can go with here. The first being the $35 route that includes an appetizer, entree and champagne or you can opt for the $10 charge for standing room only but you do have access to the bar.

Now this is not a regular brunch by any means so you don’t really want to bring your parents out unless they are really open minded to the nightclub scene.  The audio and visual spectacle of this event has to be seen as these words just do not do it justice, from party favors such as blinking rings and squeeze balls given to each table to the DJ playing the hottest club tracks, champagne presented with sparklers all the way to the costumed characters such as a dancing panda, a banana chasing a gorilla and a full staff ready to help you get into party mode by dancing on chairs and tables enticing you to dance your brunch off.

Reservations are highly recommended. This will be a definite place to be seen and his will be one of the most talked about events in Dallas for the Spring and after the first event buzz has already started as to what they will pull off for the next Sunday School event. I’m sure the social networks are already full of status updates about what was going on at Zaza and the ones not there wishing they were.

If you want to recreate Saturday night at 1am on a Sunday at 1pm you must be a future attendee. Bring your dancing shoes and get ready to party. You may be compelled to take pictures as many of your friends won’t believe what you saw at brunch.  Be sure to check for the date on the next event.

Hotel Zaza 2332 Leonard St Dallas, Tx 75201   214-550-9500

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