Kenichi Sake Festival To Benefit US, Japan

by Steven Doyle

Chef Hung Nguyen of Kenichi in Dallas has announced his Second Annual Sake Festival that will take place at the Victory Park restaurant Friday May 6, 2011 from 5 to 8pm. This year’s festival has more of a purpose that just educating the public about fantastic sakes. Coming off the heels of a trip to Japan, Hung and his group just barely missed the devastation. This festival will benefit not only those suffering in Japan but also the more recent tragedies in the Southern United States. 

“From my return flight to Dallas just last night, I looked straight down at the dark eeriness that was Tuscaloosa at sunset. Sending just a prayer into that darkness from 34,000 feet just didn’t seem enough…or tangible enough,” said chef Hung in an email we received this morning.

Hung added, “So, I’m adding a feature to this year’s festival as a way of raising. We’re setting up a special tasting area, where my entire personal collection of saké is up for sampling, at $10 additional a pour. I’ve collected a few rare sakes in my travels to Japan–some have been honored gifts, some required fastidious seeking out, none are (or will likely ever be) available in the US. To these, I will add my collection of koshu–sakes I’ve personally aged. As you know, most sakes aren’t meant to be aged, and most don’t do well when “rested”. But certain ones can be interesting, and drinking aged sakes is a connoisseur activity, in some circles. Included in this collection are brews from regions of Japan which may not produce sake again in our lifetimes.”

Chef Hung at Savor Dallas 2011

Chef Hung is one of just over 50 level II Sake Masters, and the only one in North Texas. Through his knowledge Dallas has become a better sake city, and will continue to do so through fun festivals such as the one he has planned.

His closing words: “Come sip this beautiful beverage and celebrate the spirit of those who have been challenged. Know that you will help,”

Kenichi Dallas
2400 Victory Park Ln
Dallas, TX 75219
(214) 871-8883
$40 per person
Special tasting area with Hung: additional $10 per pour

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