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A Visit To Chinese Restaurants in China

by Sachin Ghare

Several years ago we invited a friend of craveDFW  who lives in India to share some thoughts on Indian food culture. Recently Sachin Ghare shared the fact that he spends time working in China and we asked him to give us insight on dining in China. Sachin explains in general terms his thoughts on the over all dining scene in China. He is currently preparing another version that details some of his favorites restaurants and dishes.

I’m a regular visitor of China and Hong Kong. I have composed the following guide for Chinese dining based upon my personal experiences.  As a tourist in China, you will find a diverse selection of foods that vary greatly from region to region. Chinese cuisine needs no introduction, having been successfully exported to every country in the western world and maintaining a reputation as one of the favorite foods to enjoy either while dining out or as a take-away.

Beijing is typical of capital cities in that it is home to a vast selection of eateries offering some of the finest food in the country. Whereas Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu and other western culture following cities have a bit of a different story.          Continue reading

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Indian Food Culture and Choices: A Primer

punjabby Sachin Ghare

India’s cuisine is as rich and diverse as her people. The spectrum of Indian cuisine can be said to lie between two dietary extremes: vegetarianism and meat-eating. India is well-known for its tradition of vegetarianism which has a history spanning more than two millennia. However, this was not always the case.

As India has been the crossroads of many people and cultures over centuries, foreign elements have invariably seeped into its culinary culture, sometimes displacing or modifying local cuisines. The invasion brought changes in many aspects of everyday life in India, including the palates of the Indian people which became tempered by a foreign taste.

Styles of eating differed between the Hindus and the Muslims. In contrast to the Muslims, the Hindus usually take their meals individually, a feature that may have developed as a result of rules regulating eating practices across castes.   Continue reading

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Dallas Diva Does Fashion Week

by Farah Fleurima

Fashion’s Night Out, Thursday night’s kickoff to New York Fashion Week, had the city’s top fashion destinations buzzing with parties galore — to say that it was a blast is seriously understating things. Here, my exploits for the evening.

I started off at Galleria Dallas, following my own FNO itinerary and checking out the happy hour at Banana Republic. Guess I can call it a “so-called” happy hour — the store’s version of happy meant 40 percent off most merchandise, which is great, but … where’s the OBS (open bar situation), yo? On to the next. My partier in crime Dimples and I wanted to find the Fashionistas’ champagne lounge.     Continue reading

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Bastille Day Bonanza!

photos by Robert Bostick

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A Tale of Tacos, BBQ & Beer

by Steven Doyle

A friend of mine who is working on his first entry into the restaurant world called me up to chat about his concept and asked if I was interested in grabbing a few tacos. I am always up for tacos and was curious as to which he would choose, especially since we will be examining tacos with our People’s Choice Award all week long.

Seems the friend was reading Cheap Bastard over at the Observer written by James Beard nominated Alice Laussade and admitted he read her religiously. Earlier this week Miss Bastard did a write up on an Oak Cliff taqueria called Cool & Hot off Eighth Street and I-35 in a converted Gulf station, and in her story she insisted my friend check the place out. I admit, I was a bit curious as well. I thought I had hit most taco stands in Dallas but this one escaped me somehow.  Continue reading

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Dinner With Spain’s Chef Arolo

by David Donalson

photos by Jackee Donalson

One of the more interesting aspects of Central Market is their cooking school. They have a kitchen set up in a room where chefs and staff can come in and do demos for customers. This is the area where Chef Arolo set up as part of his Passport Spain dinner last evening in Southlake.

Chef Arolo and his two Michelin stars may look intimidating but he was gracious with his time and has a great sense of humor. He started by saying how his “English may not be very good but it is easy to speak in the language of taste, of gastronomy.” Arolo described his cuisine as traditional, local cuisine with a focus on what is seasonally ready to eat. Sure he can dabble in the molecular but the focus is on tradition. He demonstrated this with a traditional fried potato dish served with a spicy red sauce and aioli called patatas bravas.  Continue reading

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