Kanh Dao’s New Pho Colonial: Winning

Kanh Dao

by Steven Doyle

The most recent brain-child of the highly successful restaurateur Khanh Dao of The Drae and Steel fame just recently opened what will only be the first of what she plans as many Pho Colonial. The first location has been buzzing busily at its North Dallas location on Frankford with a second scheduled to open within 3-weeks on Main Street in downtown Dallas. 

The pho restaurant is Dao’s passion and she claims it to be her dream for some years now as it is a throwback to her roots in Saigon. The restaurant features traditionally sound Vietnamese street fare that includes phos, buns (grilled meats and vermicelli noodles), and plenty of appetizers and rice dishes.

“I wanted this to be more Vietnamese street food than anything else. Kept simple and pure. There are a few stir fried dishes on the menu, but those are really Chinese,” stated Dao at a press luncheon this afternoon.

Tasting Portion of Spring Rolls

The restaurant is cozy and the new downtown location will be even smaller, depending on take out and delivery for its bread-and-butter. In the parlor of the North Dallas location sits two bright pink Vespa’s that veteran restaurant manager Tim Parks claims will be used for deliveries.

Speaking of Tim Parks, I noticed his clamoring good service and knowledge of his food and inquired about his background. The man is more pedigreed that a box of new born poodles having worked across the city’s landscape of fine dining for many years. Parks will run the downtown store once it opens near the end of May.

Thit Bo Luc Lac "Shaken Beef"

Look for this concept to open with a vengeance as owner Kanh Dao said she sees Pho Colonial becoming the next Pei Wei. With her determination, skills and charm, I see that happening. This will be a great alternative for those working downtown  Dallas.

Banh Hoi Thit Bo Nuong "Sliced Grilled Lemongrass Pork"

Pho Colonial
4323 Frankford Rd   972.267.7486
1623 Main St  214.748.0746 (open soon)


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  1. slade

    YAY!!! for those of us that LIVE in downtown too

  2. I can’t wait. I will probably go daily.

  3. I can’t wait. Probably will go daily.

  4. Can’t wait.

  5. holly

    Might want to do a little research on who you promote. Google “mke chen” and “khan dao” and “scott ginsburg” and “khan Dao”

  6. Wonder what the new projected opening date for the downtown store is? I work across the street and I’m more than ready!

  7. bill cc


  8. bill cc

    con dao

  9. Wendy G

    Tim Parks – drunk driver KILLER – Kanh Dao owner of killer mercedes. Yeah, won’t be eating here!

  10. damian

    Tim Parks is a murderer.

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