McPherson Leaves Pyles for The Grape

by Steven Doyle

The fast paced world of dining is in a constant state of flux, and there has been plenty of movement as of late within this industry in Dallas. Well over two months ago The Grape lost their sous chef. The venerable East Dallas neighborhood bistro didn’t suffer in their time of being short staffed, but instead chef-owner Brian Luscher sacrificed by working extended hours to make his concept flourish.

Being a family-run operation Luscher had no choice but to step it up personally, and during that time he saw a larger jump in restaurant sales and his guests enjoyed the cuisine that much more.

After several months and dozens of resumes later, Luscher happened upon Dallas gem Danyele McPherson, who is best known as one of the leads for Stephan Pyles advanced tasting menu “Fuego”. The young Culinary Institute of America  (Hyde Park, New York) graduate started at Pyles as a line cook and quickly made her way across the kitchen lines to sous chef, then began assisting the Fuego program under Pyles former exec chef Matt McCallister and continued the program after his departure.

In a conversation we had with Luscher this morning he was excited to have the feisty redheaded McPherson on board with the staff at The Grape, “We really connected as people, and that is what matters when working with your staff in the kitchen. It needs to work harmoniously.”

Would this enable Luscher to take time off after a few back-breaking months? “Absolutely not. If anything this will give us a chance to elevate what we do here,” shot back Luscher.

The Grape menu is known for their Old World take on cuisine and updates their menu often. Look for such a menu change in the next few weeks. Until then enjoy the Grapes well chosen wine selections from co-owner and sommelier, Courtney Luscher. The Grape is located at 2808 Greenville Avenue and open for dinner nightly at 5:30pm and Sunday Brunch.   For reservations call 214-828-1981.

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