Build Your Own Hypnotic Donut

by Steven Doyle

Bring that wild donut creation you have been storing in the back of your mind and make it a Hypnotic Donut reality. Submit your donut design to Hypnotic’s Facebook page and they will pick a winner for this weekends special. Do not forget to name your creation and they will throw your first name on it as well, and you get your special love donut free anytime it is on the menu.

Hypnotic is known for the degenerate donut combinations but we thought of a few more: 

The In-N-Out: Made from a few ounces of lean, fresh beef and a whole lot of hooey.

The 3-Martini Breakfast: We like vodka, we like donuts. Why not marry the two up for a tasty morning treat. A side of olives if you please?

Triple Bacon and Egg: A donut comprised soley of bacon with an egg center. Who doesn’t love bacon?

Taco Donut: This would basically be a jelly-style donut but instead of the sickening sweet jam it would be filled with your favorite taco innards like barbacoa, pastor or carnitas. Side of salsa verde por favor!

The Bob Armstrong: Queso laden donuts for breakfast? We say yes!

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Dallas, Texas

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