Cask of Dreams Rolls Into Dallas

by Crave Staff

Earlier this week we caught up with Glenfiddich Ambassadors Heather Greene, Freddy May as they literally rolled into Dallas. This past weekend the trio of merry Scots escorted an empty barrel that would normally hold gallons of yummy Glenfiddich and asked local residents to sign the oak barrel and list their dream.

One lucky person will be granted their aspirations, be it climbing a particular mountain, cooking with a renowned chef or opening a business. 

At the end of the campaign, the casks gathered in a handful of US cities will be sent to the storied Glenfiddich distillery in Scotland, where they will be used to finish a special limited edition expression of Glenfiddich, which will then be sold in the U.S in early 2012.

Brand Ambassador Freddy May

This nationwide campaign is inspired by the results of an international survey detailing global attitudes to innovation and what it means to be a pioneer in the 21st Century.

The survey, which also contains a dedicated description of “The American Dreamer”, found that, despite their overwhelming desires to be pioneer, people in the U.S felt that there were numerous obstacles – most notably economic constraints and fear of failure – in the way of them achieving their pioneering goals. The Cask of Dreams campaign exists to encourage, inspire and assist people in realizing those goals with a combination of prizes, incentives and philanthropic pursuits.

You might have missed the cask that rolled through, and possibly didn’t make the delicious tasting that we invited Crave readers to earlier this week, but your chance at achieving your dream through the Glenfiddich campaign is not lost.

In addition to the Cask of Dreams campaign, Glenfiddich will also be giving out a series of dream trips to people interested in exploring their adventurous and culinary pursuits. To find out more about the Glenfiddich Cask of Dreams campaign and become involved, please visit


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    This is a great idea………..

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