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5 Dallas Food Trends We Enjoyed in 2011

by Steven Doyle

There were many advances in the Dallas restaurant scene in 2011, and we are looking for many more in the coming new year. We would like to take a moment to bring attention to several exciting trends that took place. Later in the week we will focus on some trends we would like to see spring up in Dallas.     Continue reading

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Couple Lost in Corn Maze

by Steven Doyle

Last Monday while most of the country was happily celebrating Columbus Day a young couple and their 3-month old child entered a corn maze  for their first family on a farm just outside of Boston.

The family entered the maze Monday afternoon and later that evening the family was still wandering the maze, scared, hungry and bitten by mosquitoes so they finally decided to call 911 an hour after the maze had closed for the day.  Continue reading

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Arancini Brings Back Memories

by Steven Doyle

There are certain little pleasurable finds you may spot on a menu that will take you back to a fond repast gone by. Perhaps a romantic dinner for two, a taste memory from a hide-a-way holiday, or a simple luncheon shared between friends. These tiny reminders that can be sparked by the inclusion of an ingredient or dish that sets you wandering to that meal long ago. Maybe you are this way, I know I am.

Recently I enjoyed a late night nosh at The Grape with a few friends and I spied just such a dish. The Crispy Arancini that chef Luscher makes with house-made bacon, fontina and scallions was the perfect send up to the appetizer.     Continue reading


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What You Didn’t See on craveDFW This Week

by Steven Doyle

Each week the various writers of craveDFW are hitting the streets with zeal looking for fun and interesting news to bring our readers. We feel the mix of contributors from restaurant industry professionals, artists, enthusiasts, and photographers keeps us on the cutting edge of the Dallas scene.

Many weeks there are articles written by other top-tiered food blogs that we wish we had written first. Because of these instances, we often choose not to re-write the same information you probably gleaned elsewhere. Starting this week we will mention those stories that interested us, and share the links as a service to our readers.  Continue reading

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Celebrate Your Labor Day in Dallas

by Steven Doyle

Summer is coming to close, but you really wouldn’t notice by the temperatures outside. Perhaps the only indication that Fall is fast approaching are all the blinking school zone signs and talk of the Texas State Fair and all their fried offerings.

Alas, there is one last summer hurrah with a three-day weekend and we want to add to your growing list of pool parties and lake jaunts in case you wanted something different to do. Celebrate with us:    Continue reading

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The Ultimate Pop-Up Dinner Serving People

by Steven Doyle

We get our share of interesting mail at craveDFW but today a reader shared an website that we found irresistible. When the site popped up we were introduced to the world of cannibalism. You heard correctly, there are seemingly normal citizens of Los Angeles that are eating other seemingly normal citizens for the ultimate in Soylent Green.

Maneuvering through the website we found a few interesting points. Foremost on our minds was how do they procure their meat. The site explains that they acquire their cadavers through legal and discrete means saying “On the individual level, bodies are often bequeathed to us. For some, this is a way to supplement life insurance and offset funerary expenses,” leading us to believe this is not fresh meat, but rather corpses that they are able to harvest to meet their needs.   Continue reading


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