Velvet Taco Coming to Henderson Ave

by Steven Doyle

You might be familiar with the tiny Church’s Chicken building on the North East corner of Henderson and Central. It was quickly stripped of its franchise identity as construction makes way for a new concept called the Velvet Taco.

The Velvet Taco will be a collaborative effort of more than just a few restaurateurs including Mark Brezinski and others including the principals at Whiskey Cake. 

In a late Sunday afternoon phone call Brezinski shared with craveDFW his plans to open the new taco themed restaurant sometime in July saying that it would lay groundwork for what the group hopes to be one of many.

Asking about how authentic the taco stand would be Brezinski said that it would have about 20 various style tacos and little else. The restaurant would seat about 30 inside with a patio that would seat an additional 30 people or so but the plans may change as the restaurant is built. The concept calls for counter service and does not rely on a wait staff.

The hours for the new taco stand is what excited us the most with weekend hours slated to be open for 24 hours.

Brezinski was a co-founding partner in the Pei Wei Asian Diner, Tin Star and more recently Bistro Babusan in Fairview.


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2 responses to “Velvet Taco Coming to Henderson Ave

  1. BigJonDaniel

    I predict major suckage

  2. Hubbard

    I like the idea of a “Velvet” taco better than a “Hairy” taco or a “Rusty” taco, but it still makes me feel like I need to spit something out of my mouth. Time will tell! I like tacos, and it has got to beat Church’s. I wonder why that franchise closed?

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