Terilli’s and Rhost Nearing Completion on Greenville Ave

by Steven Doyle

Spotting the Deep Eddy  micro bus is always a good thing. The owners of the Texas-made vodka plant the VW all over town. Last weekend you could spot it at the Katy Trail Ice House, this weekend it was in front of The Grape on Greenville Avenue. I am pretty sure if we asked nicely we would be allowed to tool around in the cool vehicle which can only be usurped by the grand daddy of all corporate shill rides, the Wienermobile that is brought to us by the good folks at Oscar Meyer. 

Regardless, I snapped this photo and low and behold I spot a new restaurant that is weeks away from opening. Rhost will be an Asian fusion grill and is sandwiched between Dodies Reef and Terilli’s. Dodies was quick to open, but the other two 2800 Greenville Avenue spots will soon follow suit.

Restored and prominetly used in front of Rhost

If you recall, this is the Greenville Avenue city block that was devastated by fire and ramshackled the beautiful old building that once stood proudly for so many years, displacing over 80 employees. Selected attributes to the old building were saved and used in the reconstruction being ever mindful of the local architecture. A new feature of the buildings includes roof top bars for all three restaurants.

I am excited to see Jeannie Terilli back in her old-new digs after her year-long hiatus. The 25-year old restaurant has been sorely missed.


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5 responses to “Terilli’s and Rhost Nearing Completion on Greenville Ave

  1. Curious about that Asian fusion grill…

  2. Hubbard

    That VW van must have had a an extension built into the frame, it’s too long. I agree that it would be a good ride to tool around in, although driving it drunk as hell on vodka might not be a good idea. Although, maybe it’s one of those “hiding in plain site” deals. Bar-hopping in a Budweiser truck might be an even better idea. Ever seen one pulled over? And you can park them anywhere.

  3. Bradley

    I love it. I saw the van all around Austin too. Not sure if they have more than one of these but it sure seems like it. More importantly though… I love Deep Eddy Vodka. They really nailed it. I just tried the new straight vodka which came out this month and their sweet tea vodka has been a fave for the last year. Not a weekend goes by that I don’t enjoy Deep Eddy. The wifey sure likes it too.

  4. Ana

    The Deep Eddy van is so cool! I wonder if they drive it all around the US? I’ll be keeping my eye out for it from now on! Until then, I will enjoy my delicious Deep Eddy cocktail! Cheers!!

  5. Jax

    The Deep Eddy Van is beautifully retro! It reminds me of a simplier time and makes me crave some of the yummy Sweet Tea Vodka! ;]

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