A First Look at RedFork

by Steven Doyle

Last evening we were treated to an exclusive special look at RedFork  the new Jeff Harris concept that is to open for business tonight with the limited bar menu.  For a full menu and grand opening you will need to wait until next Friday, June 24,  when Harris and his crew throw down in full swing.

Also look forward to brunch that will be served both Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 2pm.  

The newly opened restaurant is located on Fitzhugh just east of Central Expressway. The restaurant has a clean pub feel to it, with concrete floors, exposed ceilings and the expansive bar located just to the left as you walk inside. 

An insider tells craveDFW that rugs and a few other accoutrement may be on its way, adding color and tone to the new space.

The smallish kitchen produced a lot of heat for Harris and Matt Balke (sous formerly of York Street) as they cranked out an unusually large amount of meals for the hungry crowd, setting the heat factor in the back-of-the-house to epic temperatures. The chefs held tight and continued running until the last meal was served. The crew enjoyed a standing ovation at the end of the night, one that we felt was most deserved.

The simple menu had the Harris label all over it with some dishes reminiscent of the Craft years. We were told previously that RedFork would be serving a whole suckling pig as a special at times, and we are certainly looking forward to that.

“We want RedFork to be a restaurant and bar that people want to come to all the time, not just a destination spot.” — Jeff Harris

Between several tables we were able to get a good look at the full menu, and of course we will share those photos below. Some dishes we tried but were not able to snap photos because they were devoured the moment they hit the table. Some of these dishes include the charcuterie and cheese board and the foie suppliment  served in a tiny mason jar.  The foie was smooth and creamy and at $8 a true bargain.  In fact all the dishes are under $20, making this spot very affordable for most any budget wishing to sample Jeff Harris’ cuisine first hand.  We were particularly pleased that we found PEI osyters on the menu. 

We are also looking forward to RedFork’s pizza that will also be served late nights and made from their new brick oven.

Another report will be posted later today concerning the cocktail program that is overseen by Brian McCullough formerly of Smoke.

Ham and Cheddar Croquettes, Romesco sauce


Spicy Meatballs, feta And mint

Veal Sweetbreads, bratwurst, white beans, spinach and roasted peppers

Roasted Mushrooms

The Burger, lettuce, tomato, applewood smoked bacon and aged cheddar cheese

Handmade Papparedelle Bolognese, meat ragu and parmesan

Roasted Windy Meadows Farm Chicken, root vegetable mash and braised greens

Market Fish (salmon), summer vegetables, gnocchi and cherry tomato

Buttermilk Panna Cotta, fresh fruit and cashew brittle

Chefs Harris and Balke

2537 N. Fitzhugh Avenue
Dallas, TX


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13 responses to “A First Look at RedFork

  1. Audra

    Oh man! I can’t wait to visit this place and have been reading as much as I can about it! I am already rallying a group of friends together to go the weekend after their grand opening. 🙂

  2. Kelly Matthews

    Love the food shots. Cant wait to try this place.

  3. Bill

    Looking forward to trying out the suckling pig

  4. Jill T.

    All the good news at Crave, thank you for all the great photos. Looking forward to trying myself.

  5. Everything looks so delicious! I can’t wait!

  6. Stephen Hosler

    I have been waiting for this to open for months. I missed chef Harris at Craft. Does he do any steaks?

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  8. Lunch happy

    I am new to Crave. Found you on Sidedish. Love what I see, nice work.

  9. Brandon Smoot

    I don’t have high hopes, I have high expectations; Jeff is no slouch behind the line. We can all look forward to a well-deserved success-story.

  10. Troy Ashby

    We went last night and enjoyed the limited menu; and let’s not forget their great drinks!

  11. pickyfoodie2

    Good lord, beet salad was AMAZING!!! Ordered an extra one. One of my guests had what we all agreed was probably the best burger ever. The kale and rooted veggie puree with chicken was out of this world. The chicken was perfectly prepared and the kale needs to be a side dish its so good on its own!!!
    The hummus was awesome and even though the polenta has more of a soupy texture to it (maybe thats the new thing..idk..) it was awesome and we ordered extra of that too. Hanger steak awesome too. Frankly everything we had was awesome.

  12. slade

    sweetbreads looks great…i’ll have to check it out…sounds like the decibel level might be a little loud and the heat might be an issue…

  13. Don Bushell

    I judge most restaurants on the quality of the common hamburger…in this case, it was many things but COMMON wasn’t one of them. The amazingly quality of beef and bacon was just the beginning; complimented by great bread, delicious cheese and a mayo sauce like no other. Add fresh tomatoe and greens and the best fries in DFW, and you have a great entree. So, good, I had it two nights in a row. The beet salad is wonderful, the mac and cheese outstanding, and the signature brownie memorable. I highly recommend you try RedFork Dallas. DFB, KS.

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