Vegan Girl Finds Molly Maguires

by Melissa Brenner

Everyone knows I love whiskey, as every good Irish girl should. So, scotch hits into that category. It is super delicious, even though they make it on the wrong island. It’s not a good idea to drink scotch on an empty stomach, but also hard to find vegan eats at a bar that has a good scotch selection. Lucky for Dallas vegans we have Molly Maguire’s.

Touting the best scotch selection in Dallas is a one of the fastest ways to get me to show up at your bar (or anywhere, really). Offering vegan options along with that scotch is the best way to get me to return. This is the beauty of Molly Maguire’s. 

Upon arrival, the sidewalk seating area was under construction. Word is that shortly it will be expanded, turning the parking into a biergarten. Complementary valet will be offered to make up for the loss of coveted parking spaces. This will be awesome for the upcoming hot summer months.

Since it was a hot afternoon, and I make every attempt to keep my lily white skin out of the sun, I selected a nice cozy booth inside and proceeded to grill my server. This is always a fun process, especially when you are out with a non-vegan. Running through all of the traps on food availability really gets the gears in their brains turning. Usually you hear “Let me ask Chef” and “I never thought about that being in there”. Fortunately she was sweet and Chef (Grant Morgan formely of ZaZa’s Dragonfly) was in for the afternoon, which made getting all of my necessary questions answered a snap.

There are two main options for us at Molly’s: the Portabella Mushroom Burger and the Vegetable Tower. The portabella is a marinated and grilled oldie but goodie which is hearty enough to fill you up and give your belly scotch drinking stamina. When you order this specify no butter just to be safe. The bun is an uncertainty for eggs and butter (I’m still not sure why so few restaurants are unclear on the ingredients in their buns…so annoying).

My selection of the afternoon was the Vegetable Tower with an icy Real Ale Rio Blanco. The base is a polenta cake topped with grilled zucchini, yellow squash, portabella mushrooms and tomatoes in a roasted red pepper sauce. It was perfect for the day; filling enough to keep me in a safe to drive home status, but light enough for the Texas heat.

As for sides, anything fried is out (sorry to say). Vegetable oil is used at Molly’s, but they fry their fish in the same oil that is used for the vegetables and fries. (Insert frowny face here). Safe sides are yummy and way healthier for you anyway. You are free to munch away on the Baby carrots, Vegetable medley, Potato tower or Artichoke hearts, but you must request them to be cooked without butter.

Molly Maguire’s Irish Pub & Eatery
5815 Live Oak Street, Dallas
(469) 248-3080


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  1. This is the place Leslie Brenner gave zero stars. I really didn’t think they deserved that.

  2. Certainly not. I agree with Brenner many times, but do not feel she understands certain cuisine. Bar fare seems to escape her.

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