People’s Choice Award: The Sandwich

by Crave Staff

This week we celebrate something so seemingly simple.  The sandwich is the quintessential lunch time fare and can take on wide range of flavor profiles and tucks away into your lunchbox nicely. Be it the hearty pastrami with a rustic rye, a smoky meat-filled brisket, or a delicious spicy meatball, who doesn’t love a great sandwich? 

Take a bit of time to reflect on what your favorite sandwich might be and shout it out here so we might be able to try your best for this week’s People’s Choice. Only rule: no burgers or hot dogs.

What is your favorite sandwich ? Please vote!  Winning restaurant recieves a lovely plaque and one of you will be selected for a fantastic prize as well.  We give great prizes on craveDFW.


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40 responses to “People’s Choice Award: The Sandwich

  1. Hailey Gaida

    The Bacon Avocado Melt at AVA is totally my favorite. Chef made it for me one day and it was so delicious that we had to put it on the menu. <3

  2. Liz

    Any sandwich at Jimmy’s. If I must pick one, then it’s either the Meatball Sub or the Italian Stallion. (Yeah, that’s not really “one”, either, but go with a friend, each get a different sandwich and then trade half.)

  3. Al

    The grilled cheese at the common table is pretty damn good.

  4. DJ

    Cuban at McCormick’s & Schmick’s 10 bucks and loaded with ham and sliced pork

  5. NR

    I dream about the VLT from Spiral Diner. I don’t know why. I love animal flesh, but man that sammy is good. Vegan mayo, wheat bread, lettuce, tomato and fake baco bits. With their vegan potato salad. It’s seriously cheap perfection. Other than that, my boss/best friend makes a strangely good sandwich with just bread and cheese and mayo. But I think it’s b/c it’s so full of love. 😉

  6. Deb

    Mega-egg sandwich at All Good Cafe. Fried egg, ham, avocado, cheese, tomato, and Tabasco mayo on thick toast.

  7. gregg

    Great Outdoors with their wonderful Hot Great Outdoors Sandwich!!! All kinds of delicious meats and cheeses, plus fresh lettuce and tomatoes….MMMMMMmmmmm!!! Top it off with a tasty Peanut Butter Cookie!
    We love to go to the one on Preston Road in Plano/Carrollton. But any of them is worth the trip

  8. NR

    Wait! Yes! The BLT with Avocado at All Good Cafe. Can I change my mind? the Mega egg sandwich sounds good too. hungry.

  9. unclekrud

    Steak Sandwich at The Libertine — sliced hanger steak, melted gruyere,
    caramelized onions with au jus & horseradish mayo.

  10. Nick

    Cuban from Jimmy’s hands down… I just ate a ton of food and am completely stuffed, but the thought of it still makes me drool.

  11. If you said anything other than Jimmy’s here is what you need to do. Obviously, you have never been there so step 1. Get down to Fitzhugh, avoid the chickens in the street. 2. order ANY sandwich. 3. Get on your phone and delete “SUBWAY HAS THE BEST SANDWICHES!” comment you probably made and change it to Jimmy’s.

  12. Meatball sandwich from Jimmy’s of course. But also the flank steak sandwich from Bread Winners!

  13. Anthony

    Mr G’s on Coit & 15th. There’s several I like here, but if you have a thing for spicy peppers the Hot Italian Hoagie is quite tasty. This little gem is tucked away at the back of a beer and wine store and I’m only sad that I didn’t find out about it until recently. Apparently they also picked up Zagat’s ‘Best Deli in Dallas’ award from ’97 to ’02, after which Zagat stopped rating Delis.

  14. caleb

    Reuben the Great at jasons deli is amazing!

  15. I just had a Sausage & Peppers sandwich at Cane Rosso in Deep Ellum that was to die for!

  16. the_sneeb

    I’ll put up the Vietnamese pork panini at Lumi. Grilled pork, Vietnamese sausage, do chua, jalapenos, cilantro, cucumber, and homemade mayo. I like the Johnny C at Cane Rosso and the Porchetta and rapini from Jimmy’s. Love a cheeseburger from M&M. If you’re around SMU, the Juicy Lucy at Barley House or a penny melt from Milo’s are tough to beat after a few cold ones. One more, lobster roll from Rex’s on Friday. Ok, done.

  17. Darren

    Deli News is the best and huge!

  18. The B.Y.O. Mad Breakfast Sandwich at Mad Hatter Cafe.
    B.Y.O Mad Breakfast Sandwich
    Biscuit or croissant, bacon or sausage, 1 egg to order, and any cheese and veggies you like. $4.00
    I make mine with a crossant, over easy egg, provolone cheese, bacon and avocado. Delish!!!!

  19. Cuban from Jimmy’s. Didn’t even have to think about it.

  20. AskTheMexican

    A Torta (Mexican Sanwhich) de Dieta from El Padrino .. or hmmm, a cuban sandwich from Cheesecake Factory. Haven’t really ventured into the deli realm, but those are my picks.

  21. DaveDonalson

    I know Jimmy’s should win but I have to say there is little better than a hot, wet Italian beef at Weinbergers in Grapvevine. Let the snickering begin…

  22. jimthem

    Tortas at El Padrino!

  23. Susan M.

    My vote is for the torta de dieta at El Padrino in Oak Cliff.

  24. Alexie

    +1 for la torta de dieta at El Padrino.

  25. it looks like El Padrino will spam their way to a second straight people’s choice award – first 80+ votes in a row for their tacos and now their torta sandwhich

    • Tough to stop a restaurant from dropping a line on twitter about this. We do check IPs to make sure one person isn’t spamming. It is a People’s Choice deal. In the Winter we will do our own faves. Until then, the people shall speak!

  26. Maria

    I’ll vote for the Diet Torta at El Padrino.

  27. AskTheMexican

    So vicious, Jenny Block. People’s Choice is a fun way for people to show their love for their local eateries. I am sure Crave DFW can spot spammers like they stated. Seriously though, I follow El Padrino on twitter and FB and they have not made any announcement for this. You can’t beat a torta though, hands down! Criminy I’m hungry now and I just ate breakfast.

  28. Matt

    Megga egg at all good, or Cuban at jimmys.

    Sucks I work in north Dallas. Anywhere worth while up there? I am not liking my options as of now.

  29. Marc

    Mini Grilled Cheese at Square Burger

  30. Crave also loves Deli news. Check out their many sammy options in N Dallas.

  31. Karla

    My fave is the Diet Torta at El Padrino. There tacos are great too!

  32. Todd McFaddin

    Karla introduced me to El Padrino’s torta de dieta last week and it’s my current fave. That Cuban at Jimmy’s is a close second so good to see much support for it.

  33. JG

    El Padrino, la torta de dieta.

  34. TBenn

    The Diet Torta at Cafeteria y Loncheria El Padrino is amazing. I don’t know why they call it that, I could gain many pounds eating them.

  35. Harry Kline

    We went to Cafeteria y Loncheria after it won for best tacos and shared some of them (GREAT!) and a torta. For the money, you can’t find a better sandwich in Dallas.

  36. Kelly'O

    Our neighborhood fave is Cafeteria Y Loncheria El Padrino on Jefferson. The OC has the best of everything!

  37. The chicken salad sandwich at Empire Baking Co. Not a hot sandwich, but definitely a favorite.

  38. Stephen Marsh

    I went to El Padrino to see what the buzz was about. The tacos and the Diet Torta were both amazing.

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