Drink of the Week: Redfork

by Steven Doyle

The staff is not sure if you are aware of this, but we really do beat the streets in search of interesting items for craveDFW and often this means having a few cocktails. Last night was certainly no different than any other night and we found ourselves looking for a good drink.

Starting in Uptown I found a group of friends who had been communing with cocktails for an extended happy hour. As you may already know, it isn’t much fun joining a table that has a few hours head start to their evening. They tend to be easily excitable but always friendly. Lots of huggin’, so that couldn’t be too bad. 

I was a single beer into the conversation about the latest news when I suggested we leave for another bar across town. The suggestion went well and the tab was paid within minutes and we were happily off to the next destination, RedFork. The group needed a little nosh to go with those libations, plus I wanted to check out the place to see how they were doing a few weeks after opening.

Since one of our group members was canine we sat on the patio at RedFork and enjoyed the much needed gentle breeze as we proceeded to order most of the appetizers and half of the regular menu.

While waiting for the first plates to arrive I slipped into the bar and ordered a cocktail. I wanted something that would give me a kick start but not too sweet.

I was happy to see one of Dallas’ bad ass barmen at the helm, Brian McCullough. You may know McCullough formerly of Smoke where he made happy infused spirits. He still practices this form of alchemy at RedFork, and he was eager to have me sip a few samples. I am sure if you ask he would love for you to try some as well.

As he poured away for me we discussed the exciting times in Dallas for cocktails. We decided that each section of the city had their own way of making them, and they all tasted a bit different. We dropped some names of heavy hitters in the industry and analyzed the way they made their drinks. Each good, but certainly with a difference.

I like the way McCullough mixes because it is never too sweet and his libations tend to be on the well-balanced dry side.

One of the first drinks McCullough had me try was his kicked up White Bloody Mary. This is an amazing concoction that comes sans tomato and features his own pepper and celery leaf infusion. Might add that is a pleasant way to treat the normally flavorless spirit. This was a superb drink, and will definitely try it on my next brunch visit at RedFork.

While winding up the chat about cocktails, I sipped what McCullough called the Green Daisy, a simple addition to his specialty drink menu, but with a payload of palate pleasing gratification.

Before I sat I notice that chef Tom Colicchio was in the house, no doubt paying his respects to Jeff Harris who had been with Tom at Craft for many years. Tom has been stepping out in Texas this week as they are filming the next season of Top Chef in San Antonio.

When I joined the motley crew back at my table they were already knee deep in groceries and I sat to enjoy one of the most amazing chef-driven burgers this city has to offer. I am looking forward to trying RedFork’s brunch menu that begins this weekend.

It was a good night for chasing cocktails.

The Green Daisy

2 oz Bombay London Dry
½ oz Green Chartreuse
¼ oz lemon juice
¼ oz simple syrup
Mix ingredients and give a hearty shake and enjoy with a slice of cucumber.
2537 N. Fitzhugh, Dallas


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5 responses to “Drink of the Week: Redfork

  1. Bill

    Drink sounds interesting, and burgers are now 1/2 price at Happy hour I believe

  2. slade

    a white mary sounds great

  3. I was just thinking it’s time I try RedFork so I enjoyed this article, but what caught my attention the most of the idea of different parts of the city having different cocktail tastes. That got me thinking… you’re right. I want to read an article about this!

  4. John Flanders

    I heard that this was a cool place to go, so I took my date there and we had an awesome time. We will definitely be back.

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