People’s Choice Award: Seafood

by Steven Doyle

This weeks People’s Choice Award finds us looking for something a bit fishy.  Where do you run for your seafood fix?  Be it a fried filet of catfish, tender halibut, or the very best in crab cakes.  The best location might include all these things and more.

So tell us where to get the freshest oysters, largest lobsters or crunchy and sweet shrimp cocktail.   Crawfish boil, lobster bakes, bounty of mussels and mountains of crab awaits your approval.

What is your favorite seafood haunt? It’s up to you to choose Dallas Fort-Worth. We ask for these awards that you limit your votes to those that are primarily in the category we choose.



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16 responses to “People’s Choice Award: Seafood

  1. Darren

    S&D Oyster Company by far!

  2. Nick

    I wonder if the El Padrino fan-boys will show up for this one as well…
    Seafood is something Dallas does not excel at… I guess if I had to pick a place that is primarily seafood, it’d be McCormick & Schmick’s.

  3. Rex’s Seafood Market! You can’t beat fresh, never frozen fish flown in daily from around the world. And with home delivery, it’s probably also the most convenient seafood in Dallas. 🙂

  4. Rob

    I vote Rex’s Seafood Market

  5. Juan

    El Padrino’s secret seafood menu is the best kept secret in Dallas. Ask for the Monkfish torta on Tuesday nights and Branzino burritos on Friday at lunch.

  6. Sarah Tomlison

    Rex for the lobster roll.

  7. AskTheMexican

    @Nick, Comment carefully, you might stir the Tilapia Tacos from El Padrino to win best seafood or shrimp cocktail, lol! I give them props for winning two choice awards. Let’s see, seafood, I would go with aw chucks in Lower Greenville for their fried tilapia and their delicious hush puppies. @Juan, you punk, I actually called them to ask about it. They don’t serve those items, good one though.

  8. Mike Tanner

    Another Rex’s fan here. Also like Sea Breeze but Rexs is a bit better.

  9. Tio

    S&D Oyster Company for the BBQ Shrimp

  10. when it comes to FISH MARKETS, well D Magazine and the Dallas Observer have recognized TJ’s as Dallas’ Best Fish Market.

    I’m going to toss a vote towards Neighborhood Services. They order fish from one of the best purveyors in the country (Steve Connolly out of Boston) and while they aren’t a seafood-only restaurant, they always have a fantastic selection of seasonal fish on their menu from both coasts…at reasonable price points.

  11. the Big Fish at Nosh Euro Bistro!!!

  12. Grouper at the Grape, a la Chef Brian Luscher. One of the best meals I’ve ever had. In my life.

  13. brianf34

    I vote for S&D Oyster

  14. S & D Oyster- Hands down the best oysters in town
    Rex’s Seafood- Best seafood dinner
    Tom Spicer’s Garden- best damn crawfish boil ever

  15. unclekrud

    S. & D. Oyster Company

  16. Herbie


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